Buying & Selling 2022: Prepare NOW!

Has buying, selling, or investing in a home been on the brain? The upcoming new year usually brings excitement for new opportunities and milestones. If you are considering a real estate venture in 2022… prepare now!



I know it’s tempting to wait to call your agent until a week in advance of when you’d like to start, but calling EARLY gives us so much more opportunity to set you up for success! December to January is the perfect time to evaluate market changes and reflect on the past calendar year. If selling your home, we will determine the optimal time to list based on current market trends. If you are looking to buy or invest in a new home, we will allow ample time for preapproval and address any financial roadblocks (credit, budgeting, and debt-to-income rate).


In Portland especially, there isn’t a ton of inventory in the winter months, but there will be in the spring! Get a jump on the home buying and selling process by preparing during these “slower” months.
No more last minute scrambling! Let’s chat and formulate a plan to prepare for a successful and smooooth process. Reach out and we’ll master the market together!