#HouseThatBrentBuilt Update

A mini update for you all!

All of this hard work and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! The (mostly)  finished product feels clean, sleek, and inviting — truly a home away from home. 

There are still a few final touches and tidying up to do: a trench dug retaining wall, final sealant, and completion of the balcony. Once these are complete, we have scheduled aerial shots and professional pictures for the end of this month to capture the final product. The final closeout with the contractor is scheduled for the end of this month as well… We can’t wait!

After talking to the property manager, we have decided to pause on the Airbnb process and rent our lovely space for a long-term stay! If you or someone you know find themselves in the Mississippi District for an extended stay, consider us! Smack in the middle of Portland culture, our home is walking distance from EVERYTHING. 

Finally… a HUGE shout out to our designer, Grace Luebke, who formulated an awesome product list, including every detail we may have otherwise overlooked. She made this process a breeze! Check out her work.