Listing Prep

Each house or condo has different needs when getting ready to go to market. With that, listing prep is essential! The goal is to make the space appealing to the most buyers. The reality is that most buyers do not want to have to take on big projects when purchasing. For example, if a kitchen is needing a remodel, a potential buyer may be apprehensive about taking that project on.

When I visit the property to discuss the listing, I am looking for a few key points and small changes we can make to help increase the appeal. These minor details could include updated paint, updated lighting fixtures, a new kitchen backsplash and/or countertops, general clean up/decluttering, and landscaping. When I’m looking at a home or condo that hasn’t sold in the past, I make it a point to focus on what may be turning buyers off and how to address that.

A few of the things I address first:
1. Decluttering and furniture placement. This will help us determine if staging will be necessary.
2. Updating paint and light fixtures.
3. Landscaping.
4. Updating the kitchen, starting with smaller items and changes. Such as touch-ups to the paint, or updating the backsplash.

Keep in mind that it is important to have trusted industry partners to help with the preparation—contractors, landscapers, stagers, and handypeople!

Check out a few examples below of listings that we were able to prep and sell successfully!

1. This home had been a rental for years and was in beat-up condition. The sellers did quite a bit of clean up, paint, and carpet. This one had a full kitchen remodel. The cabinets were painted instead of being replaced and everything else was new. Staging definitely made this space pop for buyers. This home went to market in January and sold with multiple offers in a few days.



2. This home just needed a bit of a facelift to get it ready for market. In the kitchen, we replaced the countertops and added the subway tile backsplash. There were some exterior paint and touchup that needed to be done as well.  I gave the sellers a guide on how to declutter and stage each room with their existing furniture.  This home went to market in July and sold with multiple offers in a few days.



3. This condo was listed by another agent for 6 months and didn’t sell.  When I walked through, one of the first things I noticed was the dark black and silver backsplash feeling very out of place for the sweet condo. So, we changed out the backsplash to a matte white subway with grey grout to match the countertops. The bedroom was a grey/green color. We painted it a fresh white and removed the dark curtains to bring in more light. Staging also helped to show the multiple areas of this condo for living and working at home. The condo is currently on the market. Check it out here.


I hope these examples and tips help you as you find yourself prepping for a listing in the future! Remember – even the smallest adjustments can make a world of a difference when it comes to selling your home. Always put yourself in the buyer’s perspective and think about what adjustments could increase the buyer’s appeal. The first priority should always lie in maintaining a clean and clutter-free space! No matter what improvements you’ve made, if you have a cluttered home, chances are the potential buyer will automatically be turned off.

Once you’ve captured a clean space, you can move on tackling other projects such as updates needed, touch-ups, and landscaping! Have you had trouble getting your home to sell? Get in touch with me today – I’d love to help and bring my expertise around listing preparation over to you.

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