Closed: Outstanding Mid-Century in West Linn!

Congrats! John and Kathleen are now the owners of a killer single-level home, sitting on a half-acre, in the heart of West Linn. We couldn’t have asked for more!
John and Kathleen were planning on making the big move to Portland as their lease in Southern California ended in late August. We corresponded over FaceTime and toured homes virtually before putting in an offer on a West Linn mid-century home. When the first-in-line backed out, the listing agent called and asked if my clients were still interested. We jumped at the opportunity!
Stepping through the front doo you are greeted with a light-filled oasis and stunning MCM woodwork.. The entryway features a herringbone oak accent wall (check it out in the pic below!). The open kitchen and living area are newly updated with hardwood flooring, slate kitchen tiling, and stainless steel appliances.
The lower level — which is equally bright with natural light — can function as a guest suite, equipped with a full bath and multiple bedrooms.  The primary suite includes  vaulted ceilings and a private deck. The massive backyard, landscaped with fruit trees, gardens, multiple patios, and a shed, will be perfect for get-togethers.
Thank you John and Kathleen for your unyielding positivity and excitement throughout the process. Virtual house hunting can be stressful, so thank you for your trust in me throughout this endeavor.

Listing Details
Closing Price: $856,000
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms:  3
Home Sq. Ft: 2,361
Lot: .49 Acres
RMLS: 21660167
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Closed: Cosy West Linn Home, Against the Odds!

We did it, Betsy! My client was house hunting for a few months in the brutal spring market when she put in an offer for a West Linn property. She was second in line when the first buyers backed out. Just when Besty was in the position to buy, the sellers decided to take the home off the market!
Fast forward 3 months, the listing agent tells me the home is going to be re-listed. We pushed to submit an offer prior to the home going on the market and… huzzah! We did it. Betsy now owns a cute, 800 sq ft home, walking distance from her son’s school.
With three bedrooms, the mother-son-duo can use the extra bedroom as a guest room for visiting family and friends. The backyard featured a patio, large, fenced yard, and a playhouse. is going to have a blast in the summers!
We scored with brand new renovations throughout the home. Previous owners repaired and/or replaced the roof, gutters, plumbing, gas furnace, electric water tank, and interior/exterior paint. Plus, oak hardwood and marmoleum flooring was added throughout — fantastic durability for Besty’s little one running around.
Here’s to new beginnings. In this crazy market you never know when the right home will come on the market or come back to you on the market. Congrats Betsy!
Listing Details
Closing Price: 
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms:  1
Lot Sq. Ft: 4,791
RMLS: 21025843
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Property Investment Kick-off: What to Consider Before You Buy!

Thinking about investing in real estate? You don’t have to tackle the challenge alone! As always, I am here for tips, first-hand experience, and counseling along the way. I regularly provide investing guidance over on my Instagram channel, so hop over to IG for plenty more.


For today’s investment tip, let’s break down the processes and considerations prior to making an investment on a second property. We’ll be discussing loan types, calculating expenses, picking the right location, and more. Let’s get started!

Consider your “Who”!


Property investing doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. The benefits of investing with a family member, friend, or partner include payment flexibility, support of responsibilities, added perspective, and so much more.


RecentlyI worked with a repeat client who decided to purchase another investment property — this time with his sister! Their agreement was that his sister would live on one side of the duplex, while they share the rental income for the other side. In this case, I suggested they clearly line out how the property will be managed and how income and appreciation will be split.  In some cases I suggest an attorney to make sure all parties are clear on the setup.  In some cases, a real estate partnership agreement is prudent, which clearly states how property management is split and what happens when one or all parties want to sell.

Consider Your “Where”!


Location is everything! I have said it before, and I will say it again. Return on your property investment is heavily reliant on the neighborhood’s demand, distance to amenities, and the condition of the property compared to those surrounding it. Consider the neighborhood proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and transportation. Additionally, if you find the perfect property, but surrounding properties aren’t up to par, the overall value of the property may suffer or there may be potential for more appreciation over time.


Check out my favorite neighborhood rating algorithm and my recent investment blog, where I dive deep into the importance of location and rentability!


Don’t Forget About Inspections


Real estate, especially in Portland, is still adjusting to life post-lockdown. So much of the home buying process can and is being conducted online. Now that you can view dozens of photos and watch virtual home tours, it may be tempting to put down an offer on a home without visiting it in person.


My major takeaway for you today is to never skip inspections if you can help it. Always hire a licensed inspector to inspect the home’s foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. Save yourself the headache of unexpected maintenance and renovations! Portland’s Home Gnome Inspections are a fantastic resource.

Financing Your Investment Property


Property investing is a brilliant way to generate additional passive income, but unless you have the cash readily available for a hefty down payment, the first step is acquiring an investment property loan. What loan type best fits your goals and current circumstances?
1. Conventional Bank Loan
Adhering to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines, down payments for an investment property will be 25% or more, often leaning towards the higher end for investment properties. Lenders will analyze your credit history and may expect you to have 6-months of payments saved prior to acquiring the loan.
Recent changes have been made to second-home and investment mortgages under Fannie Mae guidelines. Check out my recent blog for all the details
2. Fix-and-Flip Loan
Passionate about designing and/or flipping homes, like me? Fix-and-flip loans are essentially hard money loans, ideal for borrowers who intend to wrap up renovations and put the property back on the market quickly. Fix-and-flip loans are easier to qualify for compared to conventional bank loans as they are lending based on the property potential and not your credit. However, down payments are required, interest rates are much higher than conventional bank loans, and extension fees will be applied if renovations extend past the estimated date.


Pssst… it wasn’t a property flip, but Brent and I recently completed a home build. If you’re interested in home design or flipping a property, check it out for some inspo!


3. Drawing From Home Equity
A great alternative for long-term rentals or a long-term investment flip for current homeowners. Home equity loans allow you to borrow against the equity of your home, sometimes up to 80% of your current home’s appraised value. The major benefit of a home equity loan is securing a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. However, remember that borrowing from your home’s equity essentially makes your home collateral if loan payments aren’t made.


Remember to Calculate Extra Expenses


Beyond securing an investment loan, what is left on your operating expense checklist? Even if you are not renovating the property and choose to rent as-is, make sure to factor in these ulterior expenses:
  • Landlord insurance — often 25% more than homeowners and occupant insurance.
  • Property taxes — Oregon’s property tax calculations are complicated. Check out this overview of our tax system.
  • Homeowner association fees —  13.1% of Oregon homes are part of HOA communities.
  • General Maintenance — average cost of home maintenance lands between 1%-4% of your home’s value. Check out my blog on Annual Home Maintenance Tips!
  • And, of course, mortgage payments.


The Breakdown


Before you begin the process of securing an investment property, make sure you consider the following:
  • Partnerships — Are you investing with a partner? Consider the pros and cons, and reach out to an attorney if with questions.
  • Location — Analyze local neighborhoods with this analytic tool and utilize my recent blog!
  • Inspections — Make sure to view properties in person and rely on a professional property inspector to avoid major structural, electrical, and plumbing issues.
  • Financing — Which loan type is right for your situation? Conventional bank loans, fix-and-flip loans, or home equity loans?
  • Extra Expenses — Keep landlord insurance, property taxes, HOA fees, and general maintenance in mind when budgeting beyond loan payments.
Property investing has long been a passion of mine (can you tell?) From turning our first home into our first investment property, building our second investment property, and helping the Portlanders like yourself find investment properties of their own, I love it all. If you are interested in investment opportunities, get in touch and stay tuned for more tips!

Sabin CDC Honoring Harvey Rice and Bringing Affordable Housing to Portland

The Harvey Rice Heritage Project is bringing major affordable housing developments to Portland! In the Winter of 2022, two new developments are going up on NE 14th and NE 72nd, totaling 41 apartments for community members in need of rent assistance. The two buildings will carry the namesake of Isaka Shamsud-Din and Charlotte Lewis, honoring two of Portland’s Black artists and recognizing their impact on the community.



Who is spearheading these new developments? Sabin CDC — a local organization working towards improving the livability of Portland for all members of the community. The average rent in Portland continues to climb, and as joblessness struck the state during the height of lockdown, more community members struggled to afford basic living costs beyond their monthly rent. Sabin is tirelessly working to assure long-term affordable housing for low-to-moderate-income residents of Portland. With these new developments, Sabin is taking a major step towards financial security and increased quality of life throughout the Portland community.


The Sabin CDC team describes the project thus:
“Because stable housing is the first step to economic and social stability, [our] role as a provider of affordable housing is one way to dismantle barriers and improve community conditions overall by consistently pursuing an agenda that places people first.”


This development has been named the Harvey Rice Heritage, after Sabin’s Board President and Community Elder, Harvey Rice. For 20+ years, Mr. Rice has dedicated himself to the health and wellbeing of Oregon communities. Rice spoke about the project with Street Roots:
“You have to have a roof over your head and be stable in order to get the education and in order to be neighborly…My project will give a lot of those people the chance to come back to the neighborhood.”


I’m genuinely looking forward to watching the development come to life. Year after year, Mr. Rice continues to touch the lives of Portland community members. As a Portlander, I am ecstatic to see him receive the recognition he deserves. If you would like to get involved with Sabin CDC’s efforts, you can sign up to volunteer and donate HEREDevelopment updates to come!

Sumptuous Condo in the Heart of Goose Hollow

Steps from Washington Park, the Rose Garden, and the Japanese Gardens! I’m thrilled to have set my client, Nobie, up in this stunning city-center condo. Truly, we couldn’t have scored a better location.

When my client reached out to ask me to help her mom find a new home I was honored. We decided to concentrate on condos vs single family homes based on low maintenance and location. The condo market is still a buyer’s market so Nobie had quite a few options to choose from. She wanted to be in a walkable area with a view and we sure found the perfect match at the Park Place.

The seller had done a lovely remodel on this condo and it was priced to reflect that. We wrote a strong, but under list price offer and after just a few negotiations were able to secure the condo for Nobie. After our inspection and review of the HOA documents we were on our way to a quick closing. I am so excited to hand over the keys today and hear about Nobie’s peaceful walks through Washington Park!

As you step through the front door, you are guided down a hallway that leads to an open concept living area. The kitchen, living room, and dining all feature stunning views of the city below. The kitchen is a dream, with dark granite countertops, updated stainless steel appliances, casual bar seating, and a built-in dry bar. My client fell in love with the amount of built-in storage (check out the office and kitchen)!

The primary suite boasts a newly updated, massive walk-in shower with glass doors, tile walls, a rain shower head, and a built-in bench. The balcony, connected to the living room and office on opposite sides of the condo, looks directly over the West Hills and offers panoramic views of downtown and the bridges. 

What an amazing find for my client! Congrats again! 
Price: $500,000

Bedrooms: 2 + office space

Bathroom: 2 Full

Home Sq. Ft: 1,875
Looking to buy or sell? Get in touch!

Marissa Sainz — 512.736.6111