My New Career Move—OAR’s Diversity in Real Estate Committee

I’ve made a new career move that I’m eager to share with you. If you know me personally or have followed along on this blog, you know that I love encouraging new realtors to get into the game. I love sharing business advice, or stories about what has helped me along. What I’m equally passionate about is seeing the world of real estate become more representative of the diverse world around us. Representation matters and I know that when real estate looks more diverse, then more communities know they have access to homeownership. Well just a few months ago, I took another step by joining the Oregon Association of Realtors (OAR) Diversity in Real Estate Committee!

If you don’t know much about the OAR, here’s a little background. Established in 1932 in order to organize the real estate profession in Oregon, its core purpose is to help Oregon realtors to practice the real estate profession in an ethical, profitable, and successful way. The OAR is a business advocate for realtors as well as a legislative advocate for free enterprise and private property rights in Oregon.

The objective of the, newly formed,  DREC is adding more diversity to the REALTORS association, emphasizing positions of leadership, and getting homeownership information and support to diversity Oregon communities. Diversity in our leadership is an important means to ending housing discrimination by making sure that all communities and demographic groups in the area are supported. It will also make the associations realtors are a part of better advocates for homeownership and private property rights.

Last month was National Fair Housing Month, a campaign sponsored by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. This year the U.S. celebrated 52 years since the Fair Housing Act was enacted in 1968. We observe Fair Housing Month to increase efforts to end housing discrimination and raise awareness of fair housing rights in communities across the country. The month also remembers the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and honors his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. The Fair Housing Act was designed to protect Americans from discrimination in the sale, rental and financing of housing based on color, race, national origin, and religion—since amended to include disabilities, family status, marital status, and sexual orientation. Fair Housing Month is a great reminder to all of us that fair housing is a fundamental human right, not just a state or national law. As a community, we need to welcome and recognize all our diverse backgrounds in order to eliminate housing discrimination. Everyone deserves to live in a safe comfortable home.

Realtors are direct advocates for the community and can make all the difference in an individual’s ability to obtain fair housing. Sometimes this looks like a realtor’s ability to navigate social and cultural differences to provide clients with what they need. The more diverse and educated our community is, the more people have access to their rights.

I have high hopes for this committee and can’t wait to see how it evolves. I’ll make keep you posted as DREC develops—if you don’t already, give me a follow over on Instagram where I post daily.

A Chic & Modern New Condo for a Repeat Client

In the past few years, I have helped Gary buy and sell a gorgeous condo in the Pearl. He came back to me recently, having entered a new phase of life and looking for a home that better suited his needs and wants for the future. We found a beautiful custom built condo by Everett Custom Homes featuring totally modern conveniences—luxury finishes, slab quartz counter-tops, an open floor plan with high ceilings.

Sustainable, energy-efficient, and quality craftsmanship made this condo an easy choice for a new lifestyle across town.

Gary’s criteria for space and location were more than met, being within walking distance of Williams and Mississippi Ave. and their ample access to parks, top restaurants, shops, and grocery stores.  Most importantly, this condo allowed for flexibility with his payments so that he can continue his travels and rock climbing and yoga hobbies. This perfect condo is brand new and Gary will be its’ very first owner!

Listing courtesy of Jennifer Tran of Everett Real Estate Group

Sometimes You Get a Second Chance

Every once in a while the stars align and you get a second chance at the right house.  Ira and Ella emailed me about a home in SE Portland that they saw at an open house and loved.  The one problem is they were leaving two days later for a month long European vacation.  We discussed the hurdles they may face when purchasing a home while out of the county and in the end they decided to hold off.

Just two months later a home in the same townhome complex came to market.  There are only four in the complex, so this was extraordinary.  This one was also and end unit, but had a few more updates than the last one.  Ira and Ella wrote an offer and were under contract within the first week on market.

While going through the purchase process on the SE Portland home they decided to put their current home on the market to try to sell before the end of the year.  Buying, selling and moving with two young kids these two are rockstars!