Ready to discover your home in Portland? Answer a few questions, and we’ll find the neighborhood that feels like home to you!

Okay, urbanite, let's get even closer in: Do you want to be literally Downtown?

So, West Side near the urban core or East Side in-neighborhood?

Would you like to live in a bungalow or condo near a huge mall?

Want to live in a trendy and hip area? All of Portland is pretty hip, but do you want to be where it's REALLY hip?

How do you feel about very large hills that grownups sometimes ride soapboxes down?

How does this sound: “I live in the Fifth Quadrant.”

Are you looking for big lots and big houses for your big dog?

Would you like to live near a well-­curated nonprofit movie theater that shows a consistently interesting roster of films from throughout the world?

Want some twisty streets with your big lots?

Want a majestic view of the city?

How would you feel about living in an ADU?

Do you want to live in a neighborhood that feels like a small town?

How about an area that used to literally be a small town?

Okay with a place that might need some work?

Do you like hills enough to live in them?

Portland's all about bikes and public transit, but are you okay with needing a car?

Do you mind if your taxes are just a little bit higher?

Would you be okay with lots of marathons and fun runs cutting through your neighborhood on a regular basis?

Looking for larger, mid­century homes?

Are you okay with needing a car?

Looking for more affordable or infill homes?

Want to live somewhere kind of artsy?

Is walkability important?

Do you like Breweries?

Looking for somewhere where lots of Portlanders get first homes?

Welcome to the big city! You should live in Downtown, the Pearl District, or the South Waterfront!
Search for 97205, 97209, 97239
Welcome to the shadow of towers and trees. You should live in Goose Hollow, Slabtown, Nob Hill, or the Alphabet District.
Search for 97204, 97209, 97210
You're in an up-­and-coming part of town! You should live in the Lloyd District or Sullivan's Gulch.
Search for 97232
Watch out for the annual soapbox derby! You should live in North Tabor or South Tabor.
Search for 97215, 97206
Welcome to inner North Portland! You should live in Boise, Eliot, or Overlook.
Search for 97212, 97227
Southeast it is! You should live in Buckman, Kerns, or Sunnyside.
Search for 97214, 97232
Welcome to Hollywood! You should live in the Hollywood District.
Search for 97212
You should live in Laurelhurst!
Search for 97232
You should live in Alameda!
Search for 97212
Welcome to some of the friendliest neighborhoods around! You should live in Sabin, Grant Park, Concordia, or Beaumont!
Search for 97211, 97212
You should live in Brooklyn or Humboldt!
Search for 97202, 97217
Here are three reasonable and neighborly neighborhoods! You should live in King, Vernon, or Hosford­-Abernathy.
Search for 97202, 97211
You can see the whole city from here. You should live in University Park!
Search for 97203
You should live in St. John's!
Search for 97203
You're a stone's throw from Portland's most amazing Bridge! You should live in Cathedral Park, Kenton, or Portsmouth.
Search for 97203, 97217
You should live in Eastmoreland or Sellwood­-Moreland!
Search for 97202
You should live in Montavilla!
Search for 97213
You should live in Bridlemile!
Search for 97221
You should live in Hillsdale!
Search for 97201
You should live in Portland Heights!
Search for 97201
You should live in Healy Heights!
Search for 97239
Welcome to Southwest! You should live in Hayhurst, Multnomah Village, Southburlingame, or Markham.
Search for 97219, 97221
You should live in Hazlewood!
Search for 97216
You should live in Mill Park!
Search for 97216
You should live in Sumner or Parkrose Heights!
Search for 97220
You should live in Lents or Powellhurst­-Gilbert!
Search for 97236, 97266
You should live in Woodlawn or Reed!
Search for 97202, 97211
You should live in Roseway, Foster­-Powell, or Brentwood­-Darlington!
Search for 97206,97213
You should live in Woodstock or Rose City Park!
Search for 97206, 97213
You should live in Piedmont!
Search for 97217
You should live in South Tabor!
Search for 97206
You should live in Creston-­Kenilworth!
Search for 97202
You should live in Mt. Scott!
Search for 97206
By process of elimination, you've arrived at a perfectly friendly neighborhood! You should live in Cully, Arbor Lodge, Parkrose, or Richmond!
Search for 97220, 97214
Almost there...